Dear Tiffany and the Malzhan Family,

This is John Kilgour’s daughter, Erin. My father was the owner of Ditch Witch Equipment of Northern California, before Rob took it over to a new management. John is now deceased. I just read the news of Ed’s passing. I have so many letters written to him, and with each, I was afraid to send because I was afraid that death would be associated with it. Now, he will never know how much I care. I am so sorry. I feel like a part of me is gone. When my father passed, I began to think of him as a grandfather.

We had such a wonderful life in Ditch Witch. I so loved being the daughter of John. We were offered such a special life because of his hard work, and your grandfather’s opportunity to allow him to be a Ditch Witch dealer. I am so sorry for your loss. I really thought I would see Ed again. I am starting to cry. I cannot believe the legacy your grandfather wrote, and the legacy my father was a part of. It is so great, and stronger than anything anyone could imagine.

I don’t know what to say. I am crying. In so many of my letters, I spoke to your grandfather as the friend that my father considered him to be. He was someone special, from the first time I met him in Perry, Oklahoma when I was a little girl. I knew my father thought he was great. I knew he was special. I regret that I didn’t send the letters, and regret that I won’t see him again. He is something that I have been holding onto since my father passed, knowing the special bond that they shared.

Tiffany, you have my deepest sympathy.


Erin, John’s Daughter
Northern California Ditch Witch – 1964 to 1993

~ Erin Kilgour

To the Malzahn family.
My late father meet Ed in 1992
Our condolences to you all on departure of such a great man. May the memories of his legacy live on in the trenches that his machines still toil.

We reflect on the down to earth gentlemen with a pioneering spirit.
May he rest in peace.

~ David Smythe- Smythe Contractors New Zealand

I first met Ed in 1954 when I was 6 years old. He had hired my Dad, J.D. Sadler to be their bookkeeper. I went to work for my uncle, Russ Sadler in 1968. Russ was the first Ditch Witch dealer, and his company was Sooner Equipment Company. Ed gave me the opportunity to become a DITCH WITCH dealer in 1972. Needless to say, I've been around Ed and his family for a lot of wonderful years. I was honored to see Ed and shake his hand one last time the Monday before he passed. The last thing Ed said to me before I left was "Thank you for your business." I will never forget Ed Malzahn.

~ Lenny and Linda Sadler

SANITEX II El?bieta i Stanis?aw Wojtas, Poland

Our partnership with Ditch Witch takes several years. We bought 4 drilling rigs and cracking process PB30. We were proud to host the factory Ditch Witch of Oklahoma. It's nice to remember the time spent with Ed Malzahn. Sincere condolences to the family of Ed Malzahn.

with expressions of sympathy

~ SANITEX II El?bieta i Stanis?aw Wojtas, Poland

Mark Kiner

I had the privilege of interacting with Ed on nearly a daily basis for over 30 years. The included picture is of he and I looking at the 350SX on the drawing board, he loved being engaged in a creative discussion, but when I look at this picture I cannot help but notice the Popular Science magazine in the lower right, that he had just dropped on the floor.
I can still hear the "lilt" in his voice as he said," here is your magazine".
When I retired I went by his office and dropped a PS on his desk, and told him, how much I appreciated the personal delivery for over 30 years.
He will be missed by many, and certainly by me...

~ Mark Kiner

The greatest Pionieer in my Life.

My thoughts are with the Malzahn family

~ Hermann Nadja and Markus Switzerland

Ed Malzhan was a great man, and it took just one meeting with him for me to realize this.

I had only worked at Ditch Witch for a few weeks before attending a service school at the training center. One afternoon that week, during a catered lunch, this nice older gentleman struck up a conversation with me at the lunch table with several other employees. He asked me questions about where I went to school, what I studied, and more importantly where I was from. He not only asked, but seemed genuinely interested in my background. I had moved to the U.S for college at Oklahoma State only a few years back, so it was surprising and somewhat refreshing to engage in conversation about Energy, Agriculture, etc. in my country. Only few people would have knowledge of these topics. So, in wanting to learn more about this nice older gentleman, I very confidently asked, “So, how long have you been working at the company, Sir?” This question was met with shock from everyone at the table, who all looked up at me from their lunch plates, one of whom whispered, “That’s the owner of Ditch Witch.” My embarrassment was clearly visible, I froze. Now, I had heard about Ed Malzhan before coming to work at Ditch Witch. I had heard of his accomplishments, his legacy, and his innovations. I had even seen pictures of this man. You don’t expect to be having lunch with such a man in your first weeks at work. You would expect everyone around you to treat him a little different considering his status. But, the reason he wasn’t? Because he wasn’t different, at least he didn’t act like it. He stood in line for lunch with the rest of us, and sat, talked to us like he was one of us. He had the humility of a great man.

So, when he answered my question, I shouldn’t have been surprised. He looked up at me, smiled and said, “All my life.”

R.I.P Sir.

~ Patrick Iyonsi

The Team of JLM in Sweden, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Ukraine

It was an honor to have known Ed. A great person that we will truly miss.
Our memories of him are to stay with us for ever – an inventor that not only changed
the construction business and gave us all the possibility to enjoy the Ditch Witch business and
its family, he also gave us joy and courage in our daily life.

Our thoughts are with the Malzahn family during this difficult time.

~ The Team of JLM in Sweden, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Ukraine

Having been a part of that early Ditch Witch family, it was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Ed Malzahn.
Upon graduation from OSU, we moved our family to Perry, where my husband was hired as one of four factory reps. Ed bought 4 planes, had one of the reps, Lowell Highfill, teach the others to fly and charged them with covering the United States and Canada. It was a joy-filled part of our lives. My late husband, Luther Shackelford, always had a special tenderness and respect for your loved one. What a magnificent life of innovation and productivity! May God comfort you with His peace.

~ Jo Shackelford West Monroe, LA

We at Don Griffiths in Matamata New Zealand were saddened to hear of the recent passing away of Ed. We should like to take this opportunity to pass on our sincere condolences to the Family and to the many friends and employees of the Company past and present.
Our Company, which is, also a “long standing” Family business has had a close association with Ditch Witch over the last 65 years. We are located in a rural community and as such can really align to Ed’s inspiration of hard work ethics.

My late Father Don, meet with Ed on a trip to America to visit the Factory. Dad, with great foresight, brought the first Ditch Witch into New Zealand to bolster and enhance the rapidly growing business of Cable laying installation.
The familiar name is sighted throughout the country these days! Ed’s Legacy
My Brother and I took over the business and then more latterly my wife Sandra and I have been at the helm for the past 15 years. During that time, I have visited your Factory in USA and of cause; there have been some of your American staff here on site.
We have over the years had various models of Ditch Witch to name a few: Ditch Witch J 20 – V250 – 2300 - R65 Combo – 6510 Combo - R 40 - 2 x R100 Trencher – 2 x R100 Ploughs - HT R100 - R100 Earth/Rock Saw – Piercing Tools 3” 4” Directional drills - JT 2511 - JT 820 – JT 440A - JT 920 - JT 1720 - JT 2720 M1 -JT 2720 M1 AT - JT 2020 with the latest acquisition being a JT -25
We feel privileged to have a signed Ditch Witch flag in our staff room office. And one that flies over our yard constantly.
Ed’s inventive skills must have been next to none, fuelled, I suspect, by determination and good old fashioned know how.
We will continue our long association with Charles Machine Works and know that Tiffany, along with all the staff, will walk the road that Ed Malzhan set out on many years ago.

Don Griffiths Ltd NZ

~ Kevin and Sandra Griffiths

It is so nice to read what this man meant to so many people, and growing up I always knew he was a wonderful and important man. To me, he will always be the only positive male role model in my life, and the male figure of the four most important people that I will ever look up to. Grandmother, my mom, (Ed's sister), my Aunt Mary who would never let me avoid a hug, no matter how shy I was in the begining, and this man who I will always know at my Uncle. Some years ago, when I was at my lowest and the thought of family was not so pleasant, he reached out to me and remind me that he and my aunt still cared and made me promise to stay in contact. And in those times when I had unintentionally took to long to check in, he would call or write me a note to make sure things were ok and give me a reminder to not take so long between contacts.
I thank my cousins for sharing some of his attention with me over these many years and even though in my younger years it may have been mostly holidays when we had personal contact, it always seemed that if I was with any of those four it was the same as being with all of those four. I will do my best to follow the values they presented me with as I move forward in this life. Thank you so much, Uncle Ed.

~ George E. Lamb, Edmond Oklahoma

I remember the song in his voice when he’d say “good morning” to people. Not being much of a morning person myself, I always wondered how a person could be so happy that early in the morning.

One of my first memories of Ed goes back to my new employee meeting. Back in the day, groups of new employees got to meet with Ed and we'd all get the chance to say what we did and then Ed would say a few words about the job and welcome the employee to the company. It so happened I was one of two tech writers in the room that day and the other one got to go first. When she said she was a tech writer, I sat up a little straighter because I was one too. And then Ed told the group, "Now you probably think it’s a waste to pay people to write manuals since nobody reads them but the lawyers say we have to have them." OUCH! But, I learned two things that day: that Ed Malzahn called it like he saw it and that I had job security.

Over the next 20+ years, in addition to my regular duties writing manuals for the lawyers to read, I had some opportunities to shoot video at equipment seminars. I always enjoyed listening to his stories of the early days of Ditch Witch and seeing his interaction with Mary. And anytime Jeri Lamerton asked me to help her with an “Ed project” that he’d given her, I’d do it because we always ended up hearing or learning something new as we ran all over town or dug through the photos and memorabilia in the archive room.

Ed was a legendary man who will be greatly missed.

~ Amy Davidson

My memories of Mr. Malzahn can be can be best recounted by four separate experiences. (1.) my wife and I were in Perry late one afternoon, and, after most office people had left for the day. I introduced my wife to Mr. and Mrs. Malzahn as they were working in the Atrium. The bond they shared was quite obvious. My wife and I have shared the story with so many people over the years. (2.) At a quality meeting years ago, I saw the planetary gear box he had invented. I thought, wow, as a younger person in sales, I really enjoyed, power transmission applications, and in particular, the planetary gear box, and I had absolutely no ideal he was the inventor. (3.) Encounters at the grass runway. Often he would see me landing and drive up to say hello. (4.) His relationship with his employees. So often throughout the plant.

Ed Malzahn. a man I wished that I had spent more time with! Thank you Mr. Malzahn, for supporting my family and co-workers throughout many years.

~ Lou Horton, Horton Mfg

Janet Marshall

It was my privilege to spend quite a bit of time with Ed on the tour cart. I got to learn the story of Ditch Witch firsthand and witness the truest hospitality for senators, employees, students, and random retired couples stopping in after seeing our sign on the Interstate. (We get an amazing number of those.)

Most humbling however, was that he took time to learn as much about me as I learned about him.

I'll miss his curiosity, his wit, and his dignity.

~ Janet Marshall

Mike and Pam Dvorak

Lots of wonderful memories with Ed including church, Sixteenth Celebration Picnics and Saturday Morning breakfast at the Kumback. We loved hearing all the stories!!! What a wonderful example Ed provided of how to live. Thanks Ed and Mary for all you did for Perry. We will miss you.

~ Mike and Pam Dvorak

Haley Brorsen

I was very privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know Ed through both our church family and Ditch Witch family. I was always so impressed by his incredible memory. My first week on the job at Ditch Witch, he introduced me to a coworker and explained to them my family history, connections, home location and more. He knew more about me than I knew myself! Ed's happy, kind, caring, positive spirit and leadership will be deeply missed.

~ Haley Brorsen

I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of the Ditch Witch family. When I would come down to the factory I remember sitting with him at lunch and talking about his passion. It is with deepest condolences that I write this memory.

~ Paul and Nancy Roos

Ed was one of the first people I met campaigning in Perry. His love for the community was evident and impacted me greatly. I will always remember his warm and genuine greetings when we would visit and have coffee at the Kumback. Ed embodied all of the best of Oklahoma. His entrepreneurship, dedication to his community, pride in his family and unlimited generosity inspires us all to be better citizens. I miss you very much my special friend.

Senator AJ Griffin

~ AJ Griffin

Jamey Shaheen, Ditch Witch Middle East, Lebanon

Ed opened his door and welcomed me, and many others like me, paving the way for each of us to enjoy our work, and way of life.

His kindness and great leadership allowed for us all to earn a healthy, honorable living for ourselves, and for our future generations.
I will always be eternally grateful to him.

I always made sure I finished my plate while eating with Ed. One time, he told me that when he was a boy, he was told to finish his plate, because there are people overseas starving......and then Ed said
"I could never figure out how food on my plate was going to get in the bellies of those people way over there".

~ Jamey Shaheen, Ditch Witch Middle East, Lebanon

To the family of Ed Malzahn,

Ed was a real friend of mine. I am sorry that I am unable to travel and will not be able to attend his services. I served on the Board of Regents with Ed and we became close friends.

I always admired his ability to envision a project and have the mechanical ability to make it work. His development of the "Ditch Witch" was a boon for the whole world. Ed's explanation of how his machines bore under obstructions was fascinating.

Ed was kind enough to bring his granddaughter,Tiffany, to our home to explain their family business structure. We have tried to pattern our family business organization like their successful organization. Our family will always be grateful for Ed's help.


~ W.H. "Bill" Braum

In my 40 years of traveling and selling to many different companies and industries, I can say that my best experience was dealing with the people at Ditch Witch. A passion for work, consideration and respect for others, begins at the top and permeates through an organization to form a culture. The people who work for The Charles Machine Works / Ditch Witch and sell the products across the globe understand the importance of connecting on a personal level.
Mr. Malzahn leaves a tremendous legacy and I am certain all who knew him will feel a responsibility to carry the torch to light the world as he did.

God bless

~ Dave Hudson - Stilwell, KS

Shortly after going to work for Ditch Witch in 1978 I was told that if something is illegal, immoral or unethical it is not approved by the company. I was also told that the employees come first. There is no doubt these things have been key to the success of the company.
I was fortunate to have many occasions see Ed in his office and we would get off topic and he would talk about the history of Perry. Great memories.

~ Mike Stodola

Dean started working for Ed right out of High School back in '76. The next 5 years, he would come home with stories about Ed, geese, mowing grass, mowing down hedges and the many ornery things that went on at the plant. When Dean was called into Ed's office (often) for some constructive criticism, Ed would often just shake his head, tell him that it was still ok to have fun, but also to be safe. Later on when Dean started working in the Oilfield, Ed would often quiz him on all aspects of the industry. He was just amazing to listen to.
I have been working for Ditch Witch the past 27 years and was often given the opportunity to talk with Ed. In passing, he would greet you with a hello and a sweet smile. He was never too busy to stop and talk when asked a question. I remember an instances while working part time in the mail center. He came in to pick up his mail one morning and I asked him about M&M Charolais and how the breed came about. He enlightened me with it's history for the next 20 minutes. I was just mesmerized on how knowledgeable he was on everything. We will forever miss his kind spirit and wonderful hugs. It has been an honor just to have known him.

~ Dean & Susan Waren

You know you have met a great man when he can remember the names and recognize the faces of many of his thousands of employees.

Ed was a man who recognized not only the names and faces of his crew, but the importance of each and every member no matter the job title.

It was a pleasure to meet and speak with Ed those few times I was able to while working as summer help at the main plant. Thanks to the summer help program at Ditch Witch, I was able to experience a real world work experience under the guidance of some fantastic people, all while raising money for college.

I can only thank Ed and the Ditch Witch family for offering such a fantastic learning experience.

Rest easy Ed, you will be missed.

~ Dakota Keith

I can remember about 12 years ago walking into the plant with a DW Purchasing Agent and I noticed a man doing some landscape work on the hedges in front of the building. He looked up long enough to say good morning and went back to work. When we got into the building the PA asked me if I knew who that was. He let me know it was Mr Malzahn.
I think that gave me a pretty good indication of what kind of man he was and what kind of company he built. Not often you see the founder of a company doing landscape work.
My condolences to the Charles Machine Works family.

~ Keith Whitlow

Brent and Gina Bolay

What a wonderful experience to have known such a great man. The work memories are many ranging from very funny to absolute serious. Once early in my career I was in a meeting that was going to cause lots of questions, but it was imperative to keep rumors from flying. When it was discussed on how we were going to handle it Ed said "If you get asked, just tell them to come talk to me". That took care of it.

I'm sharing a picture of Ed, Marty Piel , and myself at Ed's 94th birthday party.

~ Brent and Gina Bolay

Respectfully we will remember Ed Mahlzahn.
He was a true pioneer.

We will remember him as a very social and intelligent person to work with.
We are very grateful to have known him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Malzahn family.

~ The complete team of Ditch Witch The Netherlands/Belgium

Craig and Ruby Kemnitz / Kemnitz Oil Co., Inc.

Over twenty-seven years ago Ed entrusted our small Perry Oklahoma family owned business the privilege of providing products to Charles Machine Works. From the minute you met Ed, you knew exactly what he expected from you, that his faith and family were important to him and how much he enjoyed his work. Ed's compassion and generosity for Perry and it's residents are so numerous and absolutely overwhelming. On August 13 of this year after taking a plant tour we invited Ed along with a couple of CMW employees and two ConocoPhillips Reps for lunch at our Camelback Ranch. After dessert, Ed wanted to go up to the rooftop deck of our cabin that overlooks our property. He went up the many steps of our two decks like a kid climbing up to a tree house and he had a ball. We look back on that day with a smile and the enjoyment of the stories that were shared on that special day with such a special man.

~ Craig and Ruby Kemnitz / Kemnitz Oil Co., Inc.

In 1972, part of my interview was with Ed. One question he asked was, "Will you stay with us and not be a drifter? I like for employees to stay with us." When I received my 40 year award I reminded Ed of what he had asked me in in my interview. He replied, "40 years, well you haven't done much drifting". As he started to leave, he smiled and said, "But you still have a ways to go to catch up with me!"

I also remember when my sons graduated from high school; they received a card and 50 dollar bill from Ed. I saw him in the plant and thanked him. He smiled and said "I love to help our youth. Tell him to start his college fund." Ed will always be remembered for many things and will be greatly missed by all.

~ Millard W. Keith

Ed Malzahn has always demonstrated a caring and confident attitude toward each individual on his Ditch Witch team. As a new dealer, he took the time to meet with me and lay out the high expectations he had for me. After that meeting, I vowed I would be working for this man for over 30 years. Now some 40 years later, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to learn from this man of integrity, with more vision than most, a true innovator and leader. Like E.F Hutton, when Ed spoke, people listened!
What an incredible motivator and mentor he was to all of us. We will not forget all that he has accomplished and, although he will be truly missed, we can best honor his vision by following in his Godly footsteps to be the best that we can be!

~ Paul & Susan Knuckley

From my first trip to the factory till now I always felt honored to be in the same room as Ed, He was
hands down the nicest man you would ever want to meet and I will always consider him my friend!!
you will be missed greatly but I can promise
never forgotten.

~ Keith Lambert

Mitch Swartzendruber Ditch Witch UnderCon

Ditch Witch family lost one of the Greatest. Ed Malzahn the founder of Ditch Witch. I am lucky to call him a friend . when I first met him 17 years ago at a Ditch Witch factory training school he sat down beside me at lunch and talked to me like I have known him for years, but just met him. He made my first Ditch Witch Factory experience a good one. Ed was a humble guy, I think I bragged to everyone that I met the founder of Ditch Witch that day and when I came back home. One of the nicest guys you will ever met. He cared so much about Ditch Witch and everyone that worked at Ditch Witch from the dealerships to the factory workers. He is one of the main reasons I love my job so much. He make the Ditch Witch experience like a big happy family. He was a true leader, mentor, and the main man who started the underground revolution . I always made sure to see him every time I went to any Ditch Witch function in Oklahoma. and always made sure to let my customers get to met him during the customer seminars. I would always Brag him up how good of a person he was. Being the Ditch Witch founder it was need that he would make sure to come to every factory and customer event to meet everyone. and at 94 years old he still went to work open to close every day. I was just telling my son and family that we needed to take a trip to Perry Oklahoma to meet him and see the experience that I had when I met Ed. He was paved a long road ahead for Ditch Witch and I think everyone will keep the factory and dealerships going strong the way Ed would want it. RIP Ed Malzahn, you will be truly missed buddy!!
This man makes me Proud to be part of the Ditch Witch Family. Mitch

~ Mitch Swartzendruber Ditch Witch UnderCon

For decades I was fortunate to be included in a small group setting in the basement classroom as Ed conducted a meeting with the manufacturing supervisors each payday. To my knowledge he had no written agenda, he frequently shared interesting information concerning Ditch Witch, current, past history and plans for the future. We all looked forward to these meetings and left each one inspired and motivated to share timely information with our employees. Ed was truly a great man and excellent motivator.

~ Stan Klingaman

I will never forget the first time I had lunch with Ed. I was just a kid, trying to start a company. Ed sat at lunch with me and I will never forget the way it seemed like he had all the time in the world to mentor me. Each idea that came out of my mouth, Ed would improve on and hand back to me with encouragement. It has been 20 odd years, and I will never forget the impression he made on me that first time and in many other wonderful times. He was a man who influenced the world, but always had time for each of us individually. His true purpose was always so visible in him and probably without even giving it a second thought, he set an example for so many us in how we should follow the Lord's path. Ed and Mary are an example that will be with me for the rest of my life.

~ Philip Mills, MC3, Inc.

All of us at Brandt in Canada extend our condolences to the Malzahn Family. Since meeting Ed in 1972, he has been a mentor to both of us as a quite, strong leader and as a man of personal integrity. The Ditch Witch organization that he created has had a profound influence on all of us at Brandt.
Thank you for many wonderful years.

~ Gavin and Shaun Semple, Brandt Group of Companies

Ernesto Juarez

Conocimos a Ed en la convención de 2013 gracias a una invitación que nos hizo George y supimos que era una gran persona. Por las innovaciones de sus productos, muchas familias en Mexico tenemos trabajo. Dios lo bendiga. RIP

Thanks to George ,we met Ed in the 2013 convention and we knew right away that he was a warm hearted person. Because of his innovations in his products lots of Mexican family have work. God bless. RIP

Your friends,
Perforation Horizontal Dirigida La Bamba
Colima, Mexico

~ Ernesto Juarez

I first remember meeting Ed when I was 4-5 years old, my dad was the ranch foreman, before that my great uncle was the foreman and when he passed away, Ed and Mary was there for the family providing food and DW cars for transportation. I loved feeding the cattle and as a young child I knew how important Ed and Mary was. Ed would take time out of his day to sit on a fence with me and have deep meaningful conversations, I'm sure! My dad later retired from the plant in the 90s. It was a very proud moment when I was able to move back to my hometown and commute to Ditch Witch and become a second generation employee. I was glad to get reacquainted with Ed as an adult and be able to see him from a different perspective, it was also extra special that I shared a birthday with him. He always had a smile on his face and a greeting for everyone. He was one a of a kind gentleman that can never be replaced or forgotten. RIP Ed with your loving Mary.

~ Michelle Welch Glover, DW AP Manager

Ed defined the character of "The Greatest Generation" who help shape the country into what it is today. As a second generation Ditch Witch employee I have been a beneficiary of what Ed has provided, by maintaining and growing the company here in Perry. I am grateful to have know him and will miss seeing him here at the plant.

~ Craig Boyd Section Leader (VACS)

Ed Malzahn changed many people's lives over the years. I remember when my mom worked at Ditch Witch and they would have the Ditch Witch carnival for the families. And when I got older, Ditch Witch was still a part of our family.

Ed touched the lives of more people than he probably realized. He will certainly be missed.

~ Cindy Williams , UK

I am so sorry to hear of Ed's passing. It was 30 years ago this month I had the pleasure of meeting Ed and then working with him on a building for Mary and her beloved Charloais. His kindness, patience, intelligence, and professionalism were abundant - in both his dealings with me and his employees which I witnessed as I visited him. My favorite customer of all time, he was a great influence on me as a young man getting started in my career. I think of him whenever I pass a DW Delaership all over the country.

My prayers are with the Malzahn and DW families.

~ Brian Ralston, Morton Buildings, Inc

Peter Lowatschek jr.

When I started working for Ditch Witch 25 years ago, Ed welcomed me into the Ditch Witch Family with so much passion for the company and Engineering itself. He was a true pioneer in the construction field and he will be missed by all of us here at Lowatschek & Regner.

To the Malzahn Family, we are deeply sorry for your loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

~ Peter Lowatschek jr.

Dale Reames

After 20 plus years with Ditch Witch of New Mexico Inc., I can't express all the memories and respect I have with Ed. He truly knew how to make any person feel like family. I will always cherish the memories and stories he was a part of. He was at every CMW event I attended. Made me feel like family from first day I met him and managed to make anyone I ever brought to Perry feel the same. Truly one of the best men I've ever known. He will be deeply missed.

~ Dale Reames

Thanks Ed for all your gave the industry, the country and the world. You are one of the people who did make a difference and because of you the world is better.
In 1976 you gave me your time and shared with me information on DitchWitch trenchers and how to maintain them forgone of several articles that ran in EM magazine. I'll miss seeing you at the ICUEE shows. They won't be the same.

~ Greg Sitek, ACP and Site-K Construction Zone

Thanks Ed, our first meeting back in 1983 was buy Ditch Witch a R200 VB plow. He was such a great host my wife Raewyn and I did not want leave, we have being back to the factory four more times we met up with ED on all vists.
Ed is a true gentleman one of the finest I have know.

Jack, Raewyn & Mark
The Odlum Goup Morrinsville New Zealand

~ Jack Odlum

Thanks to Ed and Mary, and the Malzahn family. For allowing our family to be part of the Ditch Witch family for over 45 years and continuing.

P. S. Ed, if they serve coffee in heaven, when I get there we will finish our agreement we made at the Kumback in December of '14.

~ Jim and Carol Ann Matthews - Ditch Witch Dealers, Retired

I remember it was around the holidays 2014 and he was handing out turkeys and I went to shake his hand and his reply was "oh pretty girls get hugs not hand shakes"
I will miss seeing him ride around the plant on his segway.
He was truly a legend who will missed by many.

~ Shanell McNabb *Ditch Witch employee Perry, Oklahoma*

To write about my favorite memories of Ed would take pages. My dad worked for Ditch Witch, and always said that working for Ed was the best job he ever had. My brother worked for the company for 40 years. I've been here for 38 years.

My feelings toward Ed can be summed up in a single word... Gratitude.

I'm grateful for the good living this company has provided for me and my family.

I'm grateful for all the positive things Ed has done for his community, his employees, his state, his nation, and his god.

I'm grateful for the example he's provided to me, ever since I first met him and Mary when I was in the eighth grade.

I'm just so grateful to have had the honor and privilege knowing him, and I will miss him terribly.

~ Dee Williams

Richard Knight, Ditch Witch of North Carolina

I've worked with Ditch Witch of North Carolina for 43 years and on every trip to Perry, OK, Ed was there to greet our NC dealership or our customers. He had the gift of making strangers feel so comfortable and welcomed. Always ready to tell a story and share wise and funny comments, he endeared folks to him. To know him was to truly understand what being humble, extremely talented, and successful should look like. Ed Malzahn's presence will be missed my so many.

~ Richard Knight, Ditch Witch of North Carolina

Early in my 30-year career at Ditch Witch I had opportunity to travel with Ed and Mary to several annual meetings of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. It was a life changing experience to become well acquainted with this wonderful couple. Ed was delayed in returning from one of these events and asked me to take Mary home from the OKC airport in his company car. He wasn't sure where it was parked so I had to walk through the parking lot for 30 minutes before finding it! (That was before key fobs with horn sounding existed.)

Rest in peace Ed, as you join Mary in Heaven.

~ Gerald A. Stangl - 2001 retiree

I am grateful that I was able to meet Ed a few years ago and learn about his passion for the industry and for the little town in Oklahoma that he was born and raised. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Malzahn family.

~ Jason Haas, HammerHead Trenchless Equipment

Larry Grasse

Wow I only meet Ed once , My Dad Bill Grasse of ACME RENTS in California was a good friend
My Mom Ellie Grasse and Me in Picture

~ Larry Grasse

From all the team at Ditch Witch New Zealand we offer our condolences at this time. Ed was an inspirational and very talented man who brought innovation to the world.

~ John Grant and all the DWNZ Team

I met Ed in 1973 as a new Ditch Dealer. I was impressed at his unassuming demeanor and saw the admiration his staff displayed toward him. His innovative mind will be missed, but his inspiration will live on. Thanks for inspiring me.

~ John Heisler

Respectfully we remember Ed Mahlzahn. His pioneering spirit and his inexhaustible passion has been example for us over 40 years.

We are grateful to have known him.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with the Malzahn family.

~ Tramann+Sohn Team, Germany

Jeri Lamerton

Ed Malzahn was a part of my life for 20+ years and I am very honored to have know him. I always enjoyed hearing stories from the past and was so amazed at how detailed his memory was. I loved having him do the Heritage Center Tour for my guests at Ditch Witch because I always heard a new story from his past. He was a brilliant man and I feel very privileged to have known him.
This photo was a very special moment this year at the Awards Service banquet. Ed gave Amy Davidson and I our 20 years of service pin. He will be greatly missed, but will remain in everyone's hearts.

~ Jeri Lamerton

Ed was a wonderful person. Always a gentleman who definitely had his values in the right place. Although so brilliant, he never showed any ego and was always very unassuming about his noteriety . We are sure that he will be greatly missed in Perry as well as in the industry. We send our condolences to his family.
Ernestine and Austin Bridgforth

~ Ernestine and Austin Bridgforth

Extending our sympathies to everyone at Ditch Witch and the Malzahn family. One of our people met Ed Malzahn when she visited Ditch Witch, and we remember hearing what a nice man he was and about his camaraderie with his employees and visitors. The quality of Ditch Witch products and employees speak volumes about the kind of person he was, and we appreciate being a part of his very broad circle.

~ Carol Davis, SH3 Inc.

From the seat on "Ed's Ditcher" to a seat on his Biz-Jet, and including "being" George Patton up on the proving grounds, Ed was comfortable and made all feel welcome. Great man, great memories.

~ Don Thomas

The Head Sprocket, Mr. Ditch Witch, Ed, that is what we all knew him as, just Ed.
My first interview with Ed was 40 years ago this Christmas, I still remember it like it was a month ago. Judy and I had been married for just over 3 years and were living in Seattle Washington, working for Ditch Witch of Washington. We were looking for an opportunity to move back to Perry, to be closer to my family.
I would like to say THANK YOU Ed for all of the opportunities, the examples that you set, the friendship and the many memories that you have given to us over the years. It has been a wonderful opportunity for a farm boy from Red Rock. We all know that you once again have been reunited with your soul mate Mary. You will be missed, my friend.
We love you Ed. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family, Don & Phyllis, Pam & David, Leasa, Tiffany and all your grandchildren and great grandchildren, we wish them all the best.

~ Steve & Judy Cockrell Ditch Witch Dealer, Retired

Ed Malzahn will remain in our memory as a remarkable person, gifted by God with special virtues. His innovative spirit that set new conditions in the utility infrastructure sector, will be guiding the industry for many years to come.

His memory will not fade, as it will keep on living through his life’s work for the future generations.

~ John Tzanidakis Greece

I started at DW in early 94 and shortly after i started i had my new employee orientation in which Ed was there. at the time i was living in ponca city and i remember Ed asked me if i had any relation in perry i said yes CJ Taber he said thats ok we won't hold that against you i loved his sense of humor. He will truly be missed.

~ Lonnie Wirtz

I visited Ditch Witch as an editor for T&D World magazine and had the opportunity to meet Ed and tour the factory and ultimately to see Ditch Witch equipment working wherever I went.
And Tiffany worked up here with me at was then Intertec in Kansas City. And I met another grandchild working and tinkering in the lab on a dual pipe steering system. Rock on. And sand on and silt on and clay on.

~ Rick Bush

We will remember Ed as a great pioneering spirit, hardworking, talented and so humble person.

I will never forget his bright smile during our conference each year.

A farewell but not a goodbye to this visionary mind.
We miss him already ...
We all offer our deep sympathy to Ed’s family.

~ Laurence & the French Dicth Witch team ...

Ed Malzahn was a great world's leader and innovator in the utility infrastructure. He gave a big impact to develop the trenchless industry all over the world as well as in Poland.

~ Trenchless Engineering magazine from Poland

Kev Boult - Ditch Witch Australia

Had the great pleasure of meeting Ed at the New Man Sales School in Perry. When the question was asked " What advice have you got for these guys Ed?"
"Get out there and sell!" Was his reply.. No long winded sales pitch, just go out and do your job.
That sums up Ed and Ditch Witch, no bull just good old fashioned hard work.

A very sad loss but what an amazing legacy to leave behind.


~ Kev Boult - Ditch Witch Australia

A truly inspirational man he was. I feel fortunate to have known him, I feel privileged to have had time with him in different parts of the world. My thoughts are with the Malzahn family

~ René von Rautenkranz

When I first moved to Perry in 2013, it took me a few weeks to find a job. I had worked at the Kumback for a couple weeks and I was put on a breakfast shift and that was the first time I remember meeting Ed. I was nervous in the fact that I didn't know anyone and this was my first breakfast shift meeting all the local older folks who gathered for breakfast almost daily. I remember walking up to the table and his eyes lit up. He started talking with me and asking about myself and then out of nowhere he asked if I was married to which I replied not yet. He then said well if you ever decided to get married you know where to find me and then he winked at me and left the table.

~ Abey Nelson

There is so much to share about this amazing man. I will always remember (and miss) his love for seeking out office parties where he could partake in the snacks and the blessings he would bestow on the birthday girls & guys with his "bubbles". I am truly blessed by the opportunity to know Ed and am eternally grateful for the impact he has made on me.......and so many others. He will be missed! Love and prayers to the family.

~ Nici Duncan

Donnie patterson

I've only worked in sales for about 2 1/2 years now and I feel like I was extremely blessed to Have had the chance to meet Ed not once but a few times and I also had the opportunity to have Ed sit down and eat lunch with me at a sales training event and I truly believe that tells a story about a man that was a blue-collar guy and he never forget where he came from. Or how he got there..
God bless his family and our thoughts and prayers are with you

~ Donnie patterson

In the late 40"s a fellowship group was formed at 1st Presbyterian Church in Perry. It included my parents Henry & Shirley Bellmon, Bart & Lenore Brorsen, Bud & Abby Johnson and Ed & Mary Malzahn. It was called the "Presby-Weds"! Those couples forged friendships that lasted their entire lives. They lived through children with polio, cancer, unimaginable successes, career gambles that would change all of our lives and decades of laughter and love. Not a divorce in the group. They are the pillars of my life and my faith. How lucky am I! Thank you

~ Gail Wynne

I was deeply honored to call Ed my dear friend for more than 40 years. The experiences we shared during 34 years of dedicated service to him will forever remain among my fondest memories... secretly working together on ideas for his Christmas gifts to employees... serving as his personal driver on many occasions... working hand-in-hand during the Heritage Center renovation... honoring him with the distinguished Historic Landmark DWP award... and countless other priceless moments.

He left the world a much better place than he found it and will be greatly missed by many.

~ Larry F Anderson, CMW Service 1975-2009

I know that I am only one of many whose life has been blessed by my relationship with Ed Malzahn. In 1970 when I was completing my Masters Degree in Agricultural Engineering at Oklahoma State University, I was offered an opportunity to come to Perry and meet with Ed. I was blessed to have this great man offer me a job as a Design Engineer for his company! I know this had to be God’s plan for me, and I count it a blessing that I was able to work for almost 39 years in New Product Development at Ditch Witch until my retirement in 2009. Through all my years there, this Christian man led the company in a way that set a high standard for me to follow as a Christian, a Professional Engineer, a Design Team Leader, and a person. I continue to work to live up to this example that was set for me as I am enjoying my retirement. We here in this life will miss this great man, but we can be sure that he is now with the Lord that he served so well in his life on earth and also is again with his beloved Mary for eternity!

~ Rex Nelson, Ditch Witch retiree

In September 2008, just a few months after I started working for DitchWitch, I happen to see Ed and his wife Mary at Boone Pickens stadium before a OSU home football game.
I greeted Mr. & Mrs. Malzahn as they came off the elevator to go to their seats. I was taken amazed by two things that day. First, I was taken aback by the amazingly loving way he communicated with his wife Mary, and I was shocked that he recognized me when he asked me had he seen me around the factory.
His kindness and ability to remember people in a variety of settings always made people feel special!
I will miss seeing him around DitchWitch!

~ Andee Sage, DitchWitch

Several things stand out in my mind. A factory tour where he spent as much time interacting with workers as he did explaining the processes. Always humble to a fault knowing that the contribution of the many was just as important as anything he did. Extremely proud of the employees and family members who helped make the company what it is today. He'll be missed but that spirit will live on in the company and industry he built.

~ Randy Layman, Honda Engines

A day doesn't go by that I don't think of a lesson that Ed taught me or share a story of Ed with a friend. The twenty plus years I spent at CMW under his leadership are a treasure to have. My family and I owe a great deal to Ed and Mary. Now they are together in paradise. It has been a life blessing to have had the pleasure to know them and be part of the legendary Ditch Witch Family.

~ John L. Wornom

I remember singing in the church choir with him & his wife Mary. The would open their home for our youth group to have pool parties & devotion. Always had a blast!!

~ Donna Box

I met Ed on many occasions and was always honored to speak with him. He was a great man and thousands of people have earned their living because of the decisions Ed made. I don't have the words. His impact will live throughout the decades. The world is a sadder place today. But it's also better for having had him.

~ Eric Bloberg, Ditch Witch Southern Cal

I have attended dozens of training schools and conferences in Perry over the years and was always amazed by how accessible, friendly and down to earth Ed was. He would always take the time to say hello and shake your hand like he was genuinely happy to see you. There was nothing phony about him. What a great guy, Ed will be missed by anyone who had the opportunity to meet him.

~ Gerland Hay, Ditch Witch Mid-States

I will always remember that Ed would never let me or customers I brought to the factory call him Mr. Malzahn. He was always just "Ed" and that says a lot for a man of his accomplishments. I can only imagine that is what he said to Saint Peter when he reached those gates. He will missed by all who have ever had the pleasure on knowing him. God Bless you Ed.

~ Sam Burns, Ditch Witch of Virginia

I am very thankful to have met Ed. He would always take the time to talk to you. The first time I talked to him I just wanted to say hi, and about an hour later, I knew the story of how he started an industry. I know he will be missed by many.

~ Logan Beasley

I have been dreading this day for the last few years. Ed is such a great man and an inspirational leader. apparently they have a need for trenchers in heaven because god always chooses the best. You will be missed dearly, RIP Ed.

~ Mike Hilgendorf, Ditch Witch of Michigan

I am thankful I had the pleasure of spending time with Ed during my time here at Ditch Witch of Virginia. My most recent conversation with Ed was last year over lunch. I asked where he was going on vacation that summer, to which he replied, "Everyday is like being on vacation to me. I get to go into the office and spend time doing what I love." I only hope I can live a long, happy, and successful life like this great man. Thank you for making Ditch Witch a wonderful opportunity for my past, present, and future.

~ Michelle Nunnally Horton, Ditch Witch of Virginia

I remember sitting in front of Ed and Mary in our church choir. Every Wednesday was an adventure full of joy and laughter. He always made sure everyone had candy immediately after we sang our song during worship. The pastor would just smile as all the candy wrappers were rustling as they were opened. Thank you Ed and Mary for many wonderful years full of special memories.

~ Cindy Rice

Ed, was always a kind and gentle man and a gentleman. He always wanted to know your thoughts on things going on, when he had time to stop. He never saw you that he didn't know you by name. He was a great leader and shared so much with his employees and this community that he lived in. He will be truly missed by his organization and community. But his family and friends will miss him most. RIP Ed, you earned it.

~ Orbie Watson

Ed Malzahn has touched countless lives around the world for more than 50 years, mine included. There's no question of the contribution this man has made throughout his lifetime to both Ditch Witch, the industry he created and the individuals who benefited from his creation. Being a product of the greatest generation, Ed knew hard work, honesty in all aspects of life and love of his fellow man. Few men have or will accomplish what Ed has been able to accomplish, but even fewer will or have been as humble and dedicated to his people, his town, his state and his country as Ed Malzahn.

Thank you Ed for a wonderful life that you have made possible for my family.

~ Cliff & Judy Starks Ditch Witch of North Carolina